First Time Home Buyer Idaho Checklist

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  Getting a new mortgage for a First Time Home Buyer Idaho can be a little overwhelming with all of the important details, guidelines and potential speed bumps.   Here at Mann Mortgage we work to connect Idaho first time home buyers with the assistance and tools they need to make decisions about owning a […]

FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes For Idaho Home Buyers

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– MONTHLY INSURANCE PREMIUM INCREASES FOR FHA HOME LOANS Previously the monthly mortgage insurance premium was a factor of .55% of the loan amount (if the loan to value was over 95%). As of October 4, the factor has increased to .9% You are probably wondering how this affects the payment. On a $400,000 mortgage, […]

Boise Idaho Home Buyers : Ten Credit Do’s and Don’ts To Bear In Mind Prior To Getting Your Mortgage Loan

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How can a fully approved Idaho home loan mortgage get denied for funding after the borrower has signed loan docs? Simple, the underwriter pulls an updated credit report to verify that there hasn’t been any new activity since original approval was issued, and the new findings kill the loan.   This generally won’t happen in […]

Boise Idaho Home Buyer asks “Do I Need To Sell My Home Before I Can Qualify For A New Mortgage On Another Property?”

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Although every situation is unique, it is not uncommon for Boise Idaho home buyers to qualify for a mortgage on a new home while still living in their primary residence.   Perhaps you are outgrowing your current house, or have been forced to relocate due to a job transfer?  Regardless of the motivation for keeping […]

Renting vs Buying A Home In Boise Idaho

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Buying a home in Boise Idaho versus renting is a big decision that takes careful consideration. While there are several biased sources that can make arguments for or against owning a home, we’ve found that most home buyers base their ultimate decision on emotion. Yes, there are some tax advantages of owning real estate, as […]

Five Myths About Boise Idaho Home Values

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During periods of economic growth, when home values are typically just going up, most Boise Idaho homeowners do not question appraisals much. And in times of turmoil when property values are declining, home sellers and even listing agents quite often question and pick apart appraisals. However, the actual appraisal process changed very little over the course […]

Assembling Your Boise Idaho Home Buying Team – Knowing The Players

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Buying a new Boise Idaho home is literally a team sport since there are so many tasks, important timelines, documents and responsibilities that all need special care and attention.   Besides working with a professional team that you trust, it’s important that the individual players have the ability to effectively communicate and execute on important […]

What You Need To Know About The Home Inspection Process

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Congratulations on finding a house! You now have only a few days from when you signed the purchase and sales agreement to have a home inspection.   Chances are your real estate agent made the offer contingent upon a satisfactorily home inspection and obtaining mortgage financing.   What Is A Home Inspection? According to Wikipedia, a […]

Conventional Home Loans for Boise Idaho Borrowers

March 21, 2010 by · 53 Comments

Most lenders would consider an Idaho conventional mortgage as a loan that conforms to the guidelines set forth by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the two government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) that provide liquidity in the mortgage market.   Technically speaking, a conventional loan is any mortgage that is not guaranteed or insured by the US […]

Idaho Home Buying Process

March 21, 2010 by · 4 Comments

Idaho Home Buying Steps / Process:   Step 1 – Getting Pre-Approved Prior to Shopping for an Idaho Home It’s obviously important to know how much home you can afford, what type of down payment to budget for, monthly mortgage payment as well as what type of loan program you’ll be using to finance the new […]

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